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Planet B612

“So. Many. Questions.”

About the show

Have you ever been fascinated by someone, and you just wanted to ask them a million questions about their job, about their interests, their likes, their dislikes, why and how they do what they do? In short, you find them interesting. This happens to me all the time. And that’s why I created this podcast. 

Throughout my life, as an artist, and more recently, as a science livestreamer on Twitch, I’ve met so many fascinating people. Scientists, historians, artists, entertainers, people with unique hobbies or careers. And I just wanted to sit down and talk with them. So, I created what I’ve always wanted in a podcast. I hope you enjoy it!

– Julie Laurin, Creator and Host

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This podcast is entirely self-produced! From purchasing all of the technical gear, to learning how it works, to hours of fine-tuning and troubleshooting, to booking guests, doing research, creating marketing material, website maintenance, the bulk of it all is done by one person.

I always expect nothing, but your support goes a long way!

Thank you!

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

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