Episode 4

Marianne Denton

(Aquatic Ecologist)

Sep 13, 2020 | Science

In this episode, I speak with Marianne Denton, an Aquatic Ecologist out of Nevada. We talk about invertebrates, going back to school as a mature student, and the fascinating way that dragonflies reproduce! We also talk about Marianne’s fascination with outer space!

Interview with Marianne Denton (Aquatic Ecologist)

Episode Timestamps:


  • What does Marianne do as an aquatic ecologist? (0:40)
  • What determines good water quality? (01:40)
  • Are planaria actually worms? (03:59)
  • Are planaria indicators of bad water quality? (05:11)
  • Is it ok to take small samples of streams for fun? (07:15)
  • Marianne’s favourite creatures (10:00)
  • What’s so special about dragonflies? (11:26)
  • Dragonfly reproduction is unique (13:07)
  • Reproduction in sea slugs (15:47)
  • Hashtag Invertefest (19:10)
  • Science Twitter as a community (23:43)
  • Going back to school as a mature student (26:29)
  • It’s never too late to go back to school (30:48)
  • Doing public outreach (34:01)
  • Communicating science to adults (38:57)
  • “Astro-limnology” and other fields in space science (44:22)
  • How ‘astrobiology’ happens on Earth (46:00) 
  • Bacteria as extremophiles (49:47)
  • Is there life outside of Earth? (51:56)
  • Marianne’s collection of dresses (59:26)
  • Parting remarks (101:50)

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