About the show


I named the podcast Planet B612 as a nod to The Little Prince’s home, Asteroid B612. The Little Prince is a story that lays out the differences between retaining a sense of wonder and curiosity, and growing old and becoming like everybody else. A child doesn’t think twice about possibilities; adults do all the naysaying. I interview artists and scientists because they’re curious human beings that still have a sense of child-like wonder.

Meet Your Host

Julie Laurin

Julie Laurin

I’ve had a crazy life. 

I grew up in Chelmsford, Ontario. You’ve never heard of it because it’s in rural Canada. I went to French Catholic schools and quit university seven times. I wanted to be an artist of some sort, but out of desperation, I forged myself a career in the IT industry and worked as a software manager for most of my adult life. 

Meanwhile, I’ve had all sorts of side jobs and double careers. I taught adult high school for a while. I worked as a fine art photographer. I had many great lovers, and lived like a rockstar. In 2018, I lost the ability to walk, out of the blue. 

It lasted six months, but it changed my life. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t care about anymore. And there are things that mean more to me than they ever did.

Other than podcasting, I run a tech consulting company called Yippee Ki Yay Inc. And in my spare time, I also work as a science communicator.

I’m in love with someone who values me, I take weekends off from social media, and I want to move to the country. I enjoy films, video games, long bike rides, and doing absolutely nothing.

I read about all sorts of stuff, but I have a soft spot for fairytales and the history of medicine.