Episode 10

Dr. Bryan Heit


Oct 6, 2020 | Science

In this episode, I speak with Immunologist Dr Bryan Heit about macrophages, vaccines, pathogens, and more!

Interview with Dr Bryan Heit (Immunologist)

In this episode, I speak with Dr Bryan Heit, an Immunologist with over twenty years of experience in the field. We talk about macrophages, T-cells, Tuberculosis and COVID-19! Dr Heit is also an experienced beer brewer! 

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  • What is an Immunologist? (0:01:04)
  • “Boost your immune system” (0:02:07)
  • Immune responses (0:03:07)
  • Taking additional vitamins (0:03:33)
  • What is a macrophage? (0:04:45)
  • Are we all born with macrophages? (0:06:11)
  • How does a macrophage work? (0:06:35)
  • What is a pathogen? (0:07:24)
  • Why did Dr. Heit study immunology? (0:08:20)
  • How pathogens work (0:10:26)
  • Tuberculosis (0:11:41)
  • How do we get rid of Tuberculosis? (0:12:38)
  • Can you genetically modify macrophages? (0:13:31)
  • Immune system treatments (0:15:07)
  • Dr Heit’s courses (0:16:48)
  • Misinformation about vaccines (0:17:39)
  • Lack of funding in science communication (0:19:43)
  • Vaccines are a different area of immunology (0:20:37)
  • What is inflammation? (0:21:17)
  • Does the immune system have a puppet master? (0:26:06)
  • T-Cells in Cancer (0:29:50)
  • Books about immune system (0:32:34)
  • Writing about immunology (0:33:49)
  • Recruiting post-docs (0:34:50)
  • How COVID-19 impacts the immune system (0:37:15)
  • Does Dr. Heit constantly think about work? (0:38:22)
  • Raising goats (0:40:00)
  • Male goats (0:40:35)
  • Why goats?! (0:41:50)
  • Brewing beer (0:42:59)
  • Microbiology of beer (0:45:30)
  • Capturing yeast from the environment (0:46:22)
  • Experimenting for beer brewing (0:48:23)
  • Beekeeping (0:49:45)
  • Is it hard to take up beekeeping? (0:50:05)
  • Dr. Heit and his wife enjoy nature (0:53:05)
  • Relaxation and the immune system (0:53:48)
  • Eating your veggies (0:55:01)


Dr. Bryan Heit on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BryanHeit

Dr. Bryan Heit’s Lab: http://phagocytes.ca/


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