Episode 13

Julie McInnes


Oct 15, 2020 | Arts

In this episode, I speak with Julie McInnes, former singer/musician with Circus OZ and Cirque du Soleil. We discuss making music, creativity, and more!

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Interview with Julie McInnes (Singer/Musician)

In this episode, I speak with singer, musician and artist, Julie McInnes. Born in Australia, Julie has always been a musical artist. From Circus OZ to Cirque du Soleil, and now, as an independent artist, Julie has a lot of info and wisdom to share about the art and craft of bringing music to life.
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  • The experience of playing a cello (0:01:02)
  • Cello demo (0:03:00)
  • Julie’s early experiences with music in Australia (0:04:22)
  • The support of family to pursue the arts (0:08:50)
  • Being inspired by Canadian music (0:10:42)
  • Julie’s transition from Circus OZ to Cirque du Soleil (0:15:20)
  • Voice demo (0:21:17)
  • How Julie uses her voice as an instrument. (0:22:55)
  • The pressure of being like everyone else (0:26:57)
  • Julie has always worked in collectives (0:31:53)
  • Creativity blossoms under pressure (0:33:42)
  • The joy of collaborations (0:35:04)
  • Julie’s relationship with her wife who is also an artist (0:36:39)
  • Working with various groups over time (0:40:45)
  • Julie’s interests today, including visual art (0:44:53)
  • Being a multidisciplinary artist (0:48:29)
  • Living with imposter syndrome (0:52:50)
  • Does Julie’s cello have a name? (1:00:07)

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