Episode 14

Prof Peter

Math Professor

Oct 20, 2020 | Science

In this episode, I speak with Prof Peter, a Math Professor in Chicago. We talk teaching, learning, Twitch streaming, and math in pop culture!

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Interview with Prof Peter (Math Professor)

In this episode, I speak with Peter Keep, more well-known as “Prof Peter” on Twitch. Peter teaches math in Chicago to college students, but what makes him unique is that he also teaches math online, through Twitch. I speak with him about teaching math, what motivates students, and why he loves teaching math.
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  • Prof Peter discovered Twitch (0:00:32)
  • The PigeonHole Principle (0:01:02)
  • Using visuals when teaching math (0:02:12)
  • Why did Prof Peter get interested in math? (0:03:22)
  • What makes for a good high school math teacher? (0:05:10)
  • What role does curiosity play in mathematics? (0:07:00)
  • What is Calculus? (0:10:20)
  • What is ‘infinity’? (0:11:37)
  • The foundation of statistics. (0:13:15)
  • What does Prof Peter teach? (0:14:30)
  • How to motivate students? (0:15:25)
  • How to deal with students who are gifted? (0:17:03)
  • How does online teaching work? (0:19:42)
  • Are the kids gonna be ok? (0:21:44)
  • Dyscalculia and other challenges (0:22:53)
  • Calculus reform and other changes in teaching (0:25:15)
  • Why did Prof Peter decide to teach? (0:27:45)
  • Teaching math on Twitch (0:30:15)
  • Imposter syndrome in academia (0:35:20)
  • Teaching the history of mathematics (0:37:06)
  • The story of mathematician that died in a duel (0:39:02)
  • Writing a book (0:41:30)
  • Recommendations for “pop math” books (0:42:43)
  • Learning math as an adult (0:44:34)
  • What does a math prof do for fun? (0:48:30)
  • Future-proofing your career (0:51:50)
  • Movies and stories about math (0:53:15)


Prof Peter on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/professorpeter

Prof Peter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MathProfPeter


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