Episode 17

Steve Allain (Herpetologist)

Oct 29, 2020 | Nature, Science

In this episode, I speak with Steve Allain, a Herpetologist from the UK. We talk about frog parasites, where to find toads, and we learn about the northern adder snake!


Interview with Steve Allain (Herpetologist)


In this episode, I speak with UK Herpetologist, Steve Allain. We talk about frogs, toads, and snakes, as well as the diseases that affect them!


  • What is a herpetologist? (0:00:40)
  • Chytrid: a fungal pathogen! (0:02:04)
  • Chytrid in North America (0:05:36)
  • Is chytrid harmful to humans? (0:08:00)
  • Treating fungal infections in frogs. (0:09:01)
  • Can we eradicate chytrid? (0:10:05)
  • What you can do about it (0:12:30)
  • The plague of frogs (0:13:38)
  • Why did Steve become interested in this? (0:16:59)
  • Best way to preserve habitat for amphibians (0:20:10)
  • How to handle frogs (0:22:15)
  • Myths about toads (0:25:08)
  • Where to find toads (0:26:47)
  • Differences between frogs and toads (0:28:18)
  • Steve is a vegetarian (0:30:33)
  • Why Steve is fascinated by snakes (0:31:34)
  • Snakes in the Arctic (0:34:00)
  • What do Arctic snakes eat? (0:35:46)
  • Snake fungal disease (0:37:22)
  • Good news in conservation (0:40:07)
  • Science communication online (0:43:22)
  • Youthful enthusiasm in academia (0:46:19)
  • Book reviews by Steve (0:48:40)
  • Does Steve want to write a book? (0:51:43)
  • Steve’s dream job (0:52:30)

Steve’s website: http://stevenallain.co.uk/

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