Episode 18


Van De Geer (Artist)

Nov 10, 2020 | Arts

In this episode, I speak with performance artist, Jacqueline Van De Geer about how she makes a living as an artist, the importance of working class artists, and how obsession can lead to new ideas!


Interview with Jacqueline Van De Geer (Performance Artist)


In this episode, I interview a friend of mine, performance artist Jacqueline Van de Geer. Originally from the Netherlands, and now living in Montreal, Jacqueline is a multi-talented, multi-faceted artist. She is currently exploring the aging process in her work. We talk about interdisciplinary approaches in the arts, working class artists, and how obsession leads to new ideas.


  • Connecting with each other on Facebook (0:00:50)
  • Jacqueline’s current work (0:02:15)
  • Artists can express themselves in various ways (0:04:04)
  • The aging process as an artist (0:07:55)
  • The working class family background as an artist (0:13:34)
  • Dealing with financial insecurity (0:19:03)
  • Choosing Montreal over NYC (0:26:46)
  • Becoming accustomed to the unexpected (0:31:09)
  • The love and hate of the term “outsider art” (0:36:04)
  • Obsession and interests (0:39:40)
  • Life as an artist during the pandemic (0:43:05)
  • The act of breaking walls and barriers (0:50:52)
  • How can the public learn more about her work? (0:53:18)


Visit Jacqueline Van De Geer’s website: http://www.jacquelinevandegeer.com/


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