Episode 23

Dancer turned entrepreneur

Dec 15, 2020 | Arts

Sandrine Lafond is a former professional dancer. Now, she has co-founded a company inspired by Japanese culture!

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Sandrine Lafond. We talk about what it’s like to work as a professional dancer, what it was like to work for Celine Dion, and big productions like Cirque. We also talk about drugs in the industry, whether or not artists are born with talent and what it’s like to age as a female artist. Finally, we talk a bit about her new company, Miyusaka.

About Sandrine Lafond (Artist/Entrepreneur)

A trained dancer from France who worked with Marie Chouinard in Canada, danced for Celine Dion in Vegas, and then performed with Cirque du Soleil. Today, Sandrine is a co-owner and artist with Miyusaka, a kimono and japanese calligraphy business.


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Topics and Timestamps


  • Introduction and background (0:00:30)
  • Sandrine’s beginnings in France and in dance (0:01:15)
  • The appeal to work and create in Montreal (0:03:40)
  • The decision to make a living as a professional dancer (0:05:52)
  • How do you know when you’re a great artist? (0:07:45)
  • The daily regimen of a trained dancer (0:10:50)
  • Competition or community in the dance world (0:12:42)
  • Balance between being directed and being yourself (0:15:10)
  • Transition from Canadian productions to US productions (0:16:43)
  • What’s it like to be on stage during a Celine Dion concert? (0:18:22)
  • Being in the spotlight vs being in the background (0:20:45)
  • Is talent innate or learned? (0:23:02)
  • Giving it your all and work ethic (0:24:17)
  • Drugs and alcohol in the arts and in dance (0:27:20)
  • Studying clowning (0:30:33)
  • “Little Lady” Sandrine’s one-woman show (0:34:30)
  • The pressure to sell yourself as an artist (0:40:00)
  • Artists and menopause (0:42:52)
  • Shodo: the art of Japanese Calligraphy (0:48:20)
  • Miyusaka: the art of kimonos (0:52:37)


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