Episode 24

Massage Therapy with Jules Poulin

Dec 22, 2020 | Science

Jules Poulin has created a unique massage therapy clinic in Toronto that focuses on treatments for the head, jaw, neck, mouth and tongue!

Jules Poulin talks about the importance of communication in massage therapy.

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Jules Poulin, registered massage therapist, and owner of From the Neck Up. Jules has developed a unique massage therapy practice that focuses on the head, neck, jaw and mouth of patients. Jules has also innovated a new way for patients and massage therapists to communicate using hand signals!

About Jules Poulin (RMT/Entrepreneur)

Originally from Chelmsford, Ontario, Jules completed her studies in Massage Therapy at College Boreal in Sudbury and then headed to Toronto, Ontario to continue her practice. It’s there that Jules created her clinic, From the Neck Up, and developed a unique expertise in head, neck, mouth and tongue therapies. Jules has also created a new way of communicating with patients through hand signals.

Visit From the Neck Up on the web: https://fromtheneckupmassage.com/

Follow From the Neck Up on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fromtheneckupmassage/

Topics and Timestamps


  • Introduction and background (0:00:30)
  • From the Neck Up – the only of its kind in the world (0:01:50)
  • RMTs aren’t allowed to use the word “Specialist” in Ontario (0:03:35)
  • Creating a patient-focused business (0:05:45)
  • What is TMJD? (0:10:30)
  • How does Jules approach a new patient? (0:12:38)
  • Staying on top of new research (0:14:30)
  • The desire to work with scientists for research (0:15:55)
  • Massaging the tongue (0:19:17)
  • Helping with dysphagia (0:22:14)
  • Has Jules ever been bitten by a patient? (0:23:18)
  • Why communication is so important in manual therapy (0:25:07)
  • Lack of proper communication with RMTs (0:28:00)
  • Should massage therapy be covered by the government? (0:31:14)
  • Differences in massage therapy practices per province/state. (0:32:40)
  • Plans for expansion? (0:33:50)
  • Self-care tips for performers (0:38:00)
  • Stress-related pain (0:39:20)
  • How Jules relaxes (0:40:45)
  • Jules has a huge record collection (0:41:39)
  • Music in the clinic (0:43:19)
  • Being a maverick (0:44:58)
  • The support of colleagues in the industry (0:47:10)
  • Top three challenges as an entrepreneur (49:18)
  • Advice for success: know your strengths (0:53:00)

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