Episode 25

Marine Biology with Kita Williams

Dec 29, 2020 | Science

Australian marine biologist Kita Williams joins me to talk about sea slugs, rockpooling, marine Tardigrades and more!

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Quote about scicomm and sea creatures by marine biologist Kita Williams

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Kita Williams, a marine biologist in Australia! We talk about various sea creatures, like sponges, jellyfish, sharks, and sea slugs. We also talk about how to do rockpooling and how to find marine Tardigrades!

About Kita Williams (Marine Biologist)

Perpetually fascinated by the sea since she was young, Kita is a marine biologist in Australia. In her spare time, she also plays the piano and continues to explore to find the elusive Marine Tardigrade!

Follow Kita on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeaSpongeCake

Subscribe to Kita on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZAkVVV4SF1kdml16wfKP8g/videos

Topics and Timestamps


  • Introduction and background (0:00:40)
  • Perception of marine biologists (0:02:16)
  • Sea grass! (0:02:56)
  • Colours in the ocean (0:05:11)
  • Kita’s research on sponges (0:05:30)
  • A sponge is an animal! (0:07:03)
  • How do sponges reproduce? (0:10:25)
  • Is it safe to hold a sponge in your hands? (0:12:20)
  • Sponges are in every ocean (0:13:00)
  • Jellyfish: friend or foe? (0:15:08)
  • Blue dragon and borrowing from other creatures (0:18:56)
  • Research from marine animals (0:20:30)
  • Venomous creatures in the ocean (0:22:38)
  • What is ‘rockpooling’? (0:25:20)
  • Go to iNaturalist to find out what species are in your area (0:27:30)
  • Creating salt-water pond jars? (0:29:00)
  • Being cautious when handling sea animals (0:31:08)
  • What creatures Kita hopes to find next! (0:32:14)
  • Sharks! (0:33:52)
  • Scuba diving (0:34:41)
  • The curiosity of wild animals (0:36:39)
  • The coral reefs (0:38:30)
  • Environmental concerns about the marine environment (0:41:55)
  • Marine Tardigrades (0:43:10)
  • Kita’s Youtube channel (0:47:00)
  • Tardigrade fossils (0:49:00)
  • Science communication (0:50:30)
  • Playing the piano (0:54:20)
  • Kita’s next plans (0:56:25)

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