Episode 26

Diatom Fossils

Dr. Jeffery Stone

Jan 5, 2021 | Science

Dr. Jeffery Stone is a paleolimnologist who studies diatom fossils. We talk diatoms, and we talk about streaming science on Twitch!

Dr. Stone talks about communicating science on Twitch

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Paleolimnologist, Dr. Jeffery Stone. Dr. Stone explores diatoms and diatom fossils, teaches at Indiana State University, and he’s also a Twitch streamer! We talk about all of these things, and more!

About Dr. Jeffery Stone (Paleolimnologist)

A tenure-track professor at Indiana State University, Dr. Jeffery Stone studies diatom fossils. With a penchant for art and photography, Dr. Stone also shares his photos on Instagram, and manages the university’s SEM lab Instagram account. Dr. Stone is also on Twitch where he mostly streams cool diatom imagery taken through a scanning electron microscope!

Follow Dr. Stone on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiatomsATTACK

Watch Dr. Stone on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/diatomsattack

Dr. Stone on RedBubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/DiatomsATTACK/shop?asc=u

Follow the SEM Lab on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sem_indiana_state/?hl=en

Topics and Timestamps


  • Introduction (0:00:24)
  • What is a ‘paleolimnologist’? (0:01:48)
  • What is a ‘diatom’? (0:02:49)
  • Diatom motility – how they move! (0:03:58)
  • Diatom shapes in different environments (0:05:16)
  • How long do diatoms live? (0:06:32)
  • How and what diatoms eat (0:08:15)
  • Diatom fossils (0:09:50)
  • Where to find a 10 million year old diatom! (0:11:16)
  • Other microscopic creatures that leave fossils (0:14:05)
  • Tardigrade fossils (0:15:30)
  • Why study diatom fossils? (0:16:47)
  • Studying diatom fossils in Lake Idaho (0:19:40)
  • Diatoms evolve over time (0:21:21)
  • Diatoms produce about 40% of the air we breathe (0:25:17)
  • What diatom fossils tell us about climate change (0:27:40)
  • Cross-specialty talk (0:32:05)
  • Science is all about discovery (0:35:20)
  • Professorship (0:36:04)
  • How to teach so that people can understand you (0:36:50)
  • Dr. Stone on Twitch! (0:39:30)
  • The Twitch community (0:47:32)
  • Twitch as an outreach tool for science (0:48:30)
  • The scanning electron microscope (0:51:44)

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