Episode 27

Science Marketing

Dr. Elie Diner


Jan 12, 2021 | Science

Dr. Elie Diner is a former scientist turned freelance marketer who has a lot to tell us about why marketing is important in ‘scicomm’ and why he decided to go down this path, instead of staying in science!

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Elie Diner, a former scientist turned marketer. He specializes in content marketing, SEO, and science communication. We end up talking a lot about how “marketing” is perceived in the science community, why SEO matters, and why storytelling is a crucial element in getting your brand or messaging out to more people.

About Dr. Elie Diner (Science Marketer)

A former scientist with a PhD in bioengineering, Dr. Elie Diner now specializes in SEO and content marketing. He lives in San Diego with his family. On his spare time, he enjoys surfing and swimming.

Visit Werd Lab: https://werdlab.com/

Dr. Diner on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliediner/

Follow Dr. Diner on Twitter: https://twitter.com/elie_diner

As mentioned on the show, learn more about James Randi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Randi


Topics and Timestamps

  • Introduction (0:00:30)
  • Former scientist turned marketer (0:01:08)
  • Is “marketing” a dirty word in science? (0:02:01)
  • Dr. Diner’s work as a scientist (0:03:02)
  • When did he decide, “that’s it, I’m done”? (0:05:07)
  • Why go into Marketing? (0:06:30)
  • Cultural differences in scicomm (0:10:10)
  • “Science shouldn’t be marketed!” (0:11:38)
  • Writing in marketing (0:12:43)
  • What kind of clients does he work with? (0:16:51)
  • Communicating with the public (0:18:56)
  • Is there an organization that tackles science misinformation? (0:21:11)
  • The importance of storytelling (0:23:02)
  • How does Dr. Diner come up with a story? (0:25:39)
  • SEO and making a story enjoyable to read (0:28:12)
  • How to get people to find you on Google searches (0:29:17)
  • Doing SEO with a limited budget (0:32:00)
  • SEO long-tail keywords (0:34:34)
  • Knowing your target audience (0:38:11)
  • Clients who don’t follow professional advice(0:40:15)
  • Reinforcing authenticity within clients (0:43:38)
  • What makes Dr. Diner different from all of the other marketers? (0:45:20)
  • Workaholism (0:48:16)
  • A sense of play (0:50:18)
  • What are Dr. Diner’s dream marketing campaigns? (0:53:01)
  • The preference to work independently (0:54:37)

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