Episode 29

Academic Editing

Dr. Kel Pero


Jan 26, 2021 | Arts

Dr. Kel Pero is the owner of KMP & Associates. She is an academic editor, copywriter, and also offers career guidance to graduates students. We talk about the editing process, common mistakes in writing, and Kel tells us how the command of language is a source of power!

Dr. Kel Pero excerpt: "When people want to understand things like this (social and political situations), they read political science, they read psychology, they read poetry!   So, anybody in any of those disciplines who wants to leave the academy and wants to do communication in that field, I think that's an enormously important area that's still underdeveloped."

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Kel Pero, owner of KMP and Associates. Kel left academia to start her own business as an academic editor and copywriter. We discuss all sorts of topics relating to writing and editing, such as the importance of clarity, popular mistakes in writing, and how the command of language can play a big role in your success in the working world.

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Topics and Timestamps

  • Introduction to Dr. Kel’s background (0:00:54)
  • Working independently vs working in academia (0:07:35)
  • Advice for academics who want to communicate their research (0:09:45)
  • “Alternative Academy” (0:15:35)
  • The importance of clarity (0:19:57)
  • How the editing process works (0:25:27)
  • Popular mistakes in writing (0:30:07)
  • Context, content, and the formal use of language (0:34:08)
  • Being skilled at writing in the corporate world (0:39:03)
  • Potential for work as a good writer (0:43:31)
  • The Oxford Comma: yay or nay? (0:49:11)
  • The acting business (0:50:46)
  • Dr. Kel’s recommendations for writers (0:56:25)

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