Episode 30


Jennifer Demitor


Feb 2, 2021 | Arts

Jennifer Demitor is an artist, and an architect, based out of Kingston, Ontario. In this interview, we talk about Jennifer’s work as an artist, but we also learn all about architecture, and the role that architects play in building structures!

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Jennifer Demitor, an installation artist, and an architect! I’d never spoken to an architect before, so we discussed what an architect does, how Jennifer plans for new projects, how inspiration plays a role in her work, and in her art. She also gives us some good tips on creating interesting spaces!

Visit Jennifer’s Artist website: https://www.jenniferdemitor.com/

Visit Fabricae Architecture on the web: https://www.fabricaearchitecture.com/

Follow Fabricae Architecture on FB: https://www.facebook.com/fabricaearch/

Topics and Timestamps

  • Introduction to Jennifer’s work (0:00:50)
  • Jennifer’s artistic process (0:04:15)
  • Finding places to explore as an artist (0:05:25)
  • Discussing concrete as a material (0:06:32)
  • Can you sand or shape concrete? (0:08:51)
  • Making an income as an artist (0:10:45)
  • Private commissions vs public commissions (0:11:44)
  • Working with, and bending wood (0:13:23)
  • What kind of wood does Jennifer work with? (0:14:50)
  • How does a new design start? (0:16:00)
  • Working with steel (0:18:10)
  • Collaboration in architecture (0:19:50)
  • International differences in building materials (0:20:56)
  • What kind of architect is Jennifer? (0:21:47)
  • Architects are the ‘general practitioners’ of a build (0:23:20)
  • How it would work to build an eccentric building! (0:25:09)
  • Why do we have so many square rooms? (0:26:58)
  • Meaningful designs (0:29:22)
  • Castles are dark and cold! (0:34:26)
  • Plants and vegetation (0:35:33)
  • What role does nature play in Jennifer’s work? (0:38:20)
  • Environmentally-friendly design (0:39:44)
  • How to improve playgrounds (0:43:17)
  • Designing for playfulness (0:45:36)
  • Different architects, different styles? (0:47:01)
  • Work-life balance and the personal side of things (0:49:23)

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