Episode 36

Science Content Marketing

Dr. Justine Dees

Mar 30, 2021 | Science

As the Founder of Joyful Microbe, Dr. Justine Dees knows all about science communication, and science content marketing!

Quote from Justine Dees, "I read about copywriting (writing words that can sell). Reading about how to be a good copywriter actualy helps you learn how to be a better writer, because copywriting is meant to be simple, and easy to understand by anyone. And I loved that, because that's what we need to do as scientists who write. There's jargon in science, but the words in between all the jargon don't have to be fancy or complicated." PhD: "

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Science Writer and Founder of the Joyful Microbe blog and podcast, Dr. Justine Dees! We walk about why she got into content marketing, how she learned how to do it, and we get to talk about microbial life, too!

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Topics and Timestamps


  • Who is Dr. Justine Dees? (0:01:05)
  • Writing for life sciences companies AND the public! (0:07:28)
  • Learning how to do science writing (0:08:29)
  • Marketing what you write (0:13:12)
  • Influencing other scientists to learn marketing (0:15:28)
  • What can be improved in science communication? (0:17:40)
  • Scicomm on Twitter (0:20:15)
  • What kind of content would Justine love to write about? (0:22:30)
  • The Joyful Microbe Podcast (0:25:10)
  • Is there a safe way to grow bacteria at home? (0:28:10)
  • Does Justine miss the hands-on science work? (0:31:25)
  • The science community on Twitter (0:37:09)
  • What is a ‘Winogradsky column’? (0:38:20)
  • Travel destinations for microbe lovers! (0:46:20)
  • Communicating with fans (0:47:53)
  • Discussing the Joyful Microbe podcast (0:49:30)
  • A day in the life of a content writer (0:51:36)

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