Episode 37

Canadian Blacksmithing

Lynndon Novak

Apr 6, 2021 | Arts

In this episode, Canadian welder, and artistic blacksmith Lynnon Novak answers all of my questions about how blacksmithing works.

Quote from Lynndon Novak: "I'd like to see my artwork on buildings. Things like artistic railings, maybe a statue, something that's gonna be there for a long, long time. There's a thing I heard the other day: 'Someone dies twice in this world. You die when you die, but then, you die again when someone says your name for the last time.'  And, it got me thinking that I want my name to be said for a long time."

About This Episode

In this episode, I interview Canadian Blacksmith, Lynndon Novak. Lynndon lives and works out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He’s a welder, and an artistic blacksmith. We discuss what it takes to be a blacksmith, how to create a cheap forge, how artisans are doing in Canada, and why permanence in art is a beautiful thing.

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Topics and Timestamps


  • (0:01:05)  Canadian Blacksmiths and Bladesmiths group 
  • (0:01:46)  Growing up in Manitoba
  • (0:02:30)  The World of Trades 
  • (0:03:25)  The School for Welding
  • (0:04:05)  Leaving Tech and entering welding
  • (0:05:47)  The many facets of welding and metalworking
  • (0:06:35)  Working at New Flyer bus manufacturer
  • (0:08:15)  Learning about welding 
  • (0:09:00)  Winnipeg South Tech Welding Program and  choosing the right school and program for you
  • (0:10:35)  The Abstract Blacksmith 
  • (0:11:48)  You don’t need to be a big dude to be a blacksmith – Kv Artist Blacksmith
  • (0:13:43)  GS Tongs
  • (0:14:35)  Building your own tools – Lynndon’s tools and workshop
  • (0:17:30)  Lynndon’s journey in blacksmithing
  • (0:18:45)  Cloverdale Forge and Matt Jenkins
  • (0:20:00)  Making a starter forge without breaking the bank
  • (0:23:30)  Stepping up your game – Building a more professional forge 
  • (0:25:58)  Fire hazards and safety awareness of building and running your own forge
  • (0:27:40)  Building my brick propane forge
  • (0:28:30)  Firebricks!
  • (0:29:55)  Being a master of heat – the blacksmith wizard and metal magic
  • (0:30:40)  What metals do you work with? Different metals and their properties
  • (0:35:35)  Working with reclaimed steel
  • (0:36:00)  Wootz Bloomery – the origins and history of damascus steel vs todays patterned damascus steel 
  • (0:38:50)  Acid washing and the creation of patterns 
  • (0:40:35)  Swords and knives 
  • (0:42:58)  The dream of permanence in art
  • (0:44:52)  The appreciation of artistic metalwork in Canada
  • (0:48:30)  Building a better marketplace
  • (0:49:30)  Manitoba Blacksmiths Guild and upcoming events
  • (0:52:38)  Lego! Lego! Lego!
  • (0:56:49)  Smithlist

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