Episode 41

The art of cake design

Amber Comadira-Smith

May 4, 2021 | Arts

Australian cake designer, Amber Comadira-Smith, joins me to talk all about baking cakes, making icing, and creating designs!

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About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with the founder of Commie’s Cupcakes, Amber Comadira-Smith. Amber is a cake designer, and we talk about the best way to bake cakes, how to use fondant, and why she enjoys working with miniature designs!

Visit Commie’s Cupcakes: https://www.commiescupcakes.com/

Follow Amber on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/commies.cupcakes/

Follow Amber on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CommiesCupcakes/

Topics and Timestamps


  • (0:00:40) Queensland, Australia: the sunshine state 
  • (0:02:00) Amber Comadira-Smith: the cake artist and designer
  • (0:02:40) Helping people move from cake decorator to cake designer/artist 
  • (0:03:05) Commie’s Cupcakes
  • (0:04:35) Leaving graphic design
  • (0:08:15) The low point and finding a new creative outlet
  • (0:10:10) The honeymoon period vs the business 
  • (0:11:35) Inspiring creativity in others through cake
  • (0:14:35) Baking is a science: follow the recipe!
  • (0:16:43) Give your oven a hip check! How to know when your cake is ready.
  • (0:19:20) Do different cake types make a difference? 
  • (0:20:45) The easiest icing: American Buttercream 
  • (0:21:44) The American Buttercream recipe 
  • (0:22:40) Cream Cheese frosting 
  • (0:23:40) Recommendations for piping bags   
  • (0:25:27) The common mistakes 
  • (0:28:22) Piping: A good starting point 
  • (0:29:50) Why choose fondant? Taming the beast.
  • (0:35:20) Sculpting miniature foods
  • (0:39:41) Sculpture outside of food
  • (0:42:10) Managing a creative businesses 
  • (0:44:45) Learning to market yourself: a difficult transition 
  • (0:46:15) Going all in: social media 
  • (0:53:58) The future of Commie’s Cupcakes 

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