Episode 44

The evolution of an artist

Genevieve Langlois

Jun 1, 2021 | Arts

In this episode, Toronto-based artist Genevieve Langlois joins me to talk about aging as an artist, voice-over work, and how the pandemic has prompted a new transition in her life.

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About This Episode

Toronto-based artist Genevieve Langlois joins me to talk about her work as an actress and a painter. We also talk about voice acting and voice-over work, and we talk about imposter syndrome, aging and more!

Visit Genevieve’s website: http://genevievelanglois.com/en/

Visit Genevieve’s painting website: http://genevievelangloispeintre.com/

Follow Genevieve on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gen_langlois_/?hl=en

Topics and Timestamps


  • (0:01:37) An artistic family and education.
  • (0:02:47) Moving to Toronto. 
  • (0:03:37) Montreal and Toronto: Family and freedom.
  • (0:05:28) The commercialization of art in Toronto: Past vs present.
  • (0:06:48) The next steps: Trusting inner guidance. 
  • (0:08:15) Slowing down and the pandemic.
  • (0:10:15) Death and dignity. 
  • (0:11:54) Yearning and new transitions.
  • (0:12:39) Embracing the beauty in aging: Coping in different ways.
  • (0:14:30) The industry and aging.
  • (0:16:47) Weight and the pandemic.
  • (0:18:09) Voiceover work and agism.
  • (0:21:00) Accepting playing old and plastic surgery in the industry.
  • (0:24:03) Tips for voiceover work.
  • (0:25:29) Making demos: Fake it ’til you make it.
  • (0:28:10) Filling your soul: Comedy and clowns.
  • (0:29:15) Theater vs Television and Film.
  • (0:30:01) Creating visual art during the pandemic.
  • (0:31:28) Theater after the pandemic.
  • (0:32:31) Future skits about aging women in their fifties.
  • (0:34:21) A day in the life of Genevieve.
  • (0:36:51) Sketching and painting: Dancing women and horses.
  • (0:40:25) Imposter Syndrome.
  • (0:41:05) Learning the art of art without the typical path.
  • (0:43:04) Future work: Movement and women.
  • (0:43:41) Succeeding financially in art: Finding the love.
  • (0:45:58) The New York model.
  • (0:47:02) The Toronto Art Fair and connecting with the people.
  • (0:48:05) The graphic novel.
  • (0:48:49) The whispers and next projects.
  • (0:50:49) Aging women working together to work.
  • (0:51:43) The beige period.
  • (0:53:43) Some quick questions: Travel, books and music.
  • (0:55:48) Leaving Toronto: What’s next?

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