Episode 45


Kate Hubley

Jun 8, 2021 | Arts

In this episode, Montreal-based designer and gemologist Kate Hubley joins me to talk gems, metals, and more!

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About This Episode

In this episode, designer and gemologist Kate Hubley joins me to help me understand the difference between various kinds of gold, which gemstones are more valuable, how they’re mined, and which gems are more rare than others.

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Topics and Timestamps

  • (0:00:52) Beginning a career in gemology and jewellery: So much to learn.
  • (0:02:32) The certification process.
  • (0:03:10) Gems and organic gems.
  • (0:04:06) Canadian Ivory and Amber.
  • (0:05:37) All about the colour.
  • (0:06:46) Where to find gemstones.
  • (0:08:28) How and where to purchase gemstones.
  • (0:10:26) The security involved.
  • (0:11:15) Spotting a fake: The heft test and spectroscopes.
  • (0:13:53) Who do you trust? Knowing how to find a professional.
  • (0:15:01) Lab grown diamonds: How to tell. 
  • (0:16:41) The ethics of diamonds and smuggling.
  • (0:17:55) The gem industries and opportunities for communities. 
  • (0:20:32) Afghanistan emeralds. 
  • (0:21:55) The Argyle mine and pink diamonds.
  • (0:23:02) New gems and Eudialyte.
  • (0:25:15) White gold: Nickel vs Palladium.
  • (0:26:53) Gold and Karats.
  • (0:28:04) Alloys and the recipes for different types of gold.
  • (0:30:18) Valuing gems: Topaz, Rubies and Sapphires.
  • (0:32:31) Emeralds: All about the origin. 
  • (0:34:07) Pearls.
  • (0:35:47) Slave ships and oysters.
  • (0:37:19) Canadian Pearls.
  • (0:39:27) Kate’s design process: Celebration and fearlessness.
  • (0:40:25) The Pendulum story.
  • (0:42:19) Time and what we do with it.
  • (0:43:47) Expanding The Precious Time Collection.
  • (0:47:08) From a hobby to a business: The change in mindset.
  • (0:48:30) Business: Being responsible for all the parts.
  • (0:49:10) Getting it out there.
  • (0:50:12) Custom work.
  • (0:51:27) Working in the jewellery industry in Canada.
  • (0:54:02) The currency exchange and sales from the United States.

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