Episode 5

Peter Soroye

( Biologist)

Sep 14, 2020 | Science

In this episode, I speak with U of Ottawa PhD candidate Peter Soroye about living in Northern Ontario, the great outdoors and how the bees and the butterflies can tell us a lot about climate change!

Interview with Peter Soroye (Conservation Biologist)

Episode Timestamps:

  • Peter’s educational background (01:01)
  • The Northern Ontario connection (02:20)
  • Peter’s background with nature (03:24)
  • Growing up in nature influenced Peter’s career choice (04:28)
  • Moving to Ottawa from a rural community (05:53)
  • The Ontario Rangers (06:57)
  • How Peter’s family instilled a strong work ethic (08:50)
  • Adolescent rebellion (09:52)
  • The enjoyment of grad school (11:45)
  • Peter’s educational path and future (12:58)
  • What is ‘macroecology’? (13:55)
  • Peter’s research focus (15:51)
  • Invertebrate research, and catching butterflies (16:32)
  • Monitoring the butterfly population (17:51)
  • What can butterflies tell us about climate change? (20:39)
  • Monarch butterflies (22:13)
  • Monarch migration and climate change (23:47)
  • Red flags based on current data (24:23)
  • What’s going on with the bees? (25:56)
  • The decline of bumblebees (28:07)
  • How to make your property more welcoming to bees (30:09)
  • How to bypass bylaw issues by creating gardens (31:46)
  • The other pollinators that Peter studies (32:32)
  • Moths are often overlooked (33:00)
  • Moths and global change research (33:49)
  • What tools are used to predict the rise of extinction? (35:08)
  • When do scientists ring the alarm bells? (37:33)
  • Do scientists get heard by policy-makers? (39:28)
  • Bee messaging has been very successful (40:54)
  • Peter is the “cool guy” among friends (41:47)
  • Peter’s passion for photography (42:37)
  • Learning about birds during quarantine (43:50)
  • Morale during a pandemic (44:36)
  • Peter’s passion for music (46:10)
  • Old school vs new school rap (55:21)
  • Creating rap tracks (49:33)
  • Quick chat about basketball (50:50)
  • Travel for research and conferences (52:19)
  • Calling Ottawa, “home”. (53:49)
  • Final remarks (54:18)

Peter Soroye’s website: https://www.petersoroye.com/

Peter Soroye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeterSoroye


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