Episode 50

Jumping Spiders

Trinity Walls

Jul 27, 2021 | Science

Arachnologist Trinity Walls joins me to talk about jumping spiders, wolf spiders, and more!

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About This Episode

In this episode, we’ll learn all about spiders, specifically jumping spiders, and wolf spiders, with Arachnologist, Trinity Walls!

Follow Trinity on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trinitywalls9

Topics and Timestamps

  • (0:01:09) Loving and studying spiders: The journey.
  • (0:02:51) Wolf spiders and their shining eyes. 
  • (0:04:43) Spider hairs: How spiders sense prey and predators.
  • (0:05:41) Wolf spiders vs Jumping spiders: The key differences. 
  • (0:07:40) The eyes of a jumping spider.
  • (0:08:48) Are jumping spiders venomous?
  • (0:10:00) The diet of a jumping spider.
  • (0:10:57) Spider cannibalism. 
  • (0:11:57) Female spiders: Larger and longer lived.
  • (0:13:21) Mating choice in jumping spiders: An interesting field of study.
  • (0:17:25) Different colours in female spiders: An unsolved mystery. 
  • (0:20:02) Jumping spider’s jumps: The how and the why. 
  • (0:21:51) The mating dance of male spiders.
  • (0:22:47) Peacock spiders and Paradise spiders.
  • (0:24:57) Do spiders dream?
  • (0:25:35) The cognitive abilities of spiders.
  • (0:27:09) Spider silk.
  • (0:28:14) Wolf spiders and other uses for silk.
  • (0:29:11) The effect of water on spider silk and webs.
  • (0:30:41) Behavioural ecology and spiders.
  • (0:31:47) Spiders and the winter season.
  • (0:33:42) Climate change and its effect on spiders.
  • (0:36:31) Arachnophobia: Why are spiders seen as the villians? 
  • (0:40:45) How to properly relocate a spider.
  • (0:41:23) Spider bites: The myths vs reality.
  • (0:43:32) Dealing with spider webs in the home.
  • (0:45:30) Science communication and outreach.
  • (0:47:30) Girls and the study of spiders.
  • (0:49:20) Dance and the Bachata.
  • (0:52:04) Getting out of your head with dance.
  • (0:53:19) The PhD defense and what’s coming next.

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