Episode 6

Julian White

( Gaffer)

Sep 22, 2020 | Arts, Film & TV

In this episode, I speak with Julian White. Professionally, Julian has been working as a gaffer in the film and tv industry for over twenty years. He’s worked on a wide variety of films, like The Martian and Midnight at the Orient Express. He’s also worked on television series like HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as a wide variety of commercials. Julian speaks to us about what it’s like to work in the industry, why light needs darkness, and he also tells us about his passion for painting!

Interview with Julian White: Gaffer (The Martian, Game of Thrones, Control)

Episode Timestamps:

In this episode, I speak with Gaffer and Artist, Julian White. Julian has worked on many Hollywood productions over his lifetime. He talks about light and lighting as a passion, and as a career. We also get a chance to explore Julian’s creative passions, namely in painting and photography.

  • What is a Gaffer in the film industry? (0:01:24)
  • How long Julian has been working as a gaffer. (0:01:58)
  • Preferences between big budget and small budget productions. (0:02:54)
  • The joys of working on amateur productions. (0:04:15)
  • Breaking into the upper echelons of the film industry (0:06:14)
  • Do gaffers have agents? (0:07:24)
  • The “game” of getting work in the film biz. (0:08:20)
  • What Julian looks for when selecting a team (0:11:19)
  • Film crew teams are a bit like military troops (0:13:40)
  • The importance of building character (0:16:00)
  • Working with celebrities (0:18:00)
  • Working with the masters in the filmmaking world (0:21:13)
  • Mourning the end of a project (0:23:35)
  • How does Julian handle the “end of project blues”? (0:25:00)
  • How do film crew professionals maintain relationships? (0:26:18)
  • Julian’s upbringing and life experiences (0:30:13)
  • Julian sees potential in everything. (0:32:39)
  • The spiritual side of light and lighting (0:34:35)
  • How has visual art influenced Julian’s work? (0:38:28)
  • Julian’s passion for painting (0:42:05)
  • If Julian wasn’t a gaffer, would he be a painter? (0:44:31)
  • Marketing yourself as an artist (0:46:24)
  • The need to have some sort of challenge in life (0:48:35)
  • What role does art play in Julian’s life? (0:51:23)
  • The effects of leaving all the time (0:54:00)
  • Does Julian prefer the sunrise, or the sunset? (0:58:37)


Julian White’s website: https://julianwhiteart.com/

Julian White on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloodandlight66/ and https://www.instagram.com/bloodandcolour66/

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