Episode 7

Burrows Forge


Sep 24, 2020 | Arts, Trades

In this episode, I speak with John Hare of Burrows Forge about the art of blacksmithing, falconry, beekeeping, as well as what it’s like to live with ADHD!

John Hare from Burrows Forge explain: "Red tail hawks have an 80% chance of dying that first year in the wild. So you can take that bird out of the wild, you can feed it, and teach it how to hunt. When it's with you and you go out hunting, if it misses its prey, you bring it home and feed it. So, when it's with you, it has all that opportunity to gain that experience. And then you can release that bird back out into the wild. And it has a much higher chance of continuing the species because it knows how to hunt."

Interview with John Hare from Burrows Forge (Blacksmithing/Falconry)

In this episode, I speak with John Hare of Burrows Forge. John is a blacksmith, falconer, bee-keeper and cigar aficionado! John describes the intimate details of his past, how he overcame challenges in his life, and why he pursued his passions. Burrows Forge is also on Twitch, so make sure to check the links below!

Burrows Forge on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/burrowsforge

Burrows Forge on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burrowsforge/

Burrows Forge on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Burrowsforge


  • Burrows Forge Twitch channel and intro (0:00:20)
  • Sharing hobbies with people online (0:02:07)
  • Where John lives and where he has lived (0:03:34)
  • John’s former employment (0:04:11)
  • Optimism after getting laid off (0:06:55)
  • Talking about blacksmithing and ADHD (0:10:05)
  • The support of the community on Twitch (0:14:14)
  • Streaming setup and purpose (0:17:26)
  • Managing ADHD (0:20:21)
  • Talking video games (0:24:40)
  • How John discovered falconry (0:26:56)
  • How to get licensed in falconry (0:30:19)
  • Caring for a hawk (0:33:10)
  • Deciding when to release a bird (0:34:32)
  • Between Blacksmithing and Falconry, which is easier to learn? (0:35:39)
  • Discussing falconry with his wife (0:38:28)
  • John’s connection with nature (0:39:54)
  • Producing honey and growing hives (0:42:00)
  • Being homeless as a kid (0:42:25)
  • Living in Maui (0:44:50)
  • How John’s past influences him today (0:48:11)
  • Inspiring others (0:51:08)
  • Discussing masculinity, toughness and softness (0:52:26)
  • Anybody can do anything (0:55:48)
  • John’s favorite cigar (0:59:03)


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