Episode 8

Fleche Love


Sep 30, 2020 | Arts

In this episode, I speak with singer/songwriter, Fleche Love about writing music, imposter syndrome, performing in various parts of the world, tiny homes, and plans for the future!

Interview with Fleche Love (Singer/Songwriter)

In this episode, I speak with Fleche Love, a singer and songwriter whose work I’ve been enjoying for years now. Fleche is a talented artist who had to create her own path. Originally from Switzerland, and now living in Paris, she’s the type of artist who isn’t scared to share her vulnerability and passions with the world, whether it’s through song, through dance or through words.


  • Introductions and format of the interview (0:00:23)
  • Fleche Love’s background (0:01:05)
  • The challenge of being accepted as an artist (0:02:14)
  • Moving to Paris (0:03:19)
  • Why Paris is better for artists (0:04:16)
  • Ottawa is the Switzerland of Canada (0:06:05)
  • “My home is myself.” (0:06:33)
  • Access to creative people in Paris (0:07:16)
  • Writing “Castle in the Snow” (0:08:05)
  • The creative process (0:09:56)
  • Releasing music and being surprised by it (0:11:55)
  • Fleche Love’s identity is always evolving (0:12:43)
  • Other interests: bio-mimicry (0:14:03)
  • How nature inspires Fleche Love (0:14:55)
  • The song “Festa Tocandira” (0:15:57)
  • The on-stage persona (0:20:10)
  • Media interviews vs longer formats (0:22:03)
  • The realities of touring (0:22:23)
  • Missing the contact with fans in person (0:24:08)
  • Differences in audiences around the world (0:26:05)
  • Connecting with people online (0:28:10)
  • Working with photographer Roberto Greco (0:28:58)
  • How the creative partnerships work (0:30:40)
  • Creating music is playing (0:32:20)
  • Tiny houses (0:33:16)
  • The importance of time alone (0:35:30)
  • Playing by different rules (0:37:00)
  • The push/pull of the music industry (0:38:13)
  • Advice to young artists (0:39:50)
  • Fleche Love and Patreon (0:40:56)
  • Being a woman in the industry (0:43:54)
  • The name “Fleche Love” (0:45:45)
  • Masculinity and Femininity (0:47:30)
  • Self-perception (0:48:50)
  • Being grateful (0:49:50)
  • Listening to her inner child (0:50:50)
  • Writing a book (0:52:56)
  • The writing process (0:54:08)
  • Parting words (0:54:55)


Fleche Love on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flechelove/

Fleche Love on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fleche_love

Fleche Love on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/flechelove

Fleche Love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flecheloveofficial/


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