Episode 2

Ross Mullan


Sep 13, 2020 | Arts

The OG Whitewalker from Game of Thrones, and also known for his work in Clash of the Titans and Dr. Who, Ross Mullan shares with us his story, from early beginnings to what it was like to play the Whitewalker. He also gives some brilliant advice to up-and-coming actors. 

Ross Mullan talks about the reality of having to wear a ton of prosthetics for filming. Not everyone can pull that off.

Interview with Ross Mullan: Actor (Game of Thrones, Dr. Who)

A Canadian living in England, Ross Mullan started his career in puppetry and mask work. After years of working with puppets, Ross got the opportunity to start playing monsters in film and TV. That led to his biggest role yet, as the original Whitewalker on Game of Thrones. In this episode, Ross gives us a pretty good idea of what it’s like to work with prosthetic. It’s not an easy job, but thanks to his patience and experience, he’s able to do it and continues to play monsters (his lifelong dream) to this day. Ross is also on Cameo – see the link below!

    Ross Mullan’s website: https://www.rossmullan.com/

    Ross Mullan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rossmullan/

    Hire Ross on Cameo! https://www.cameo.com/rossmullan


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    Episode Timestamps


    • Ross’s background: Odyssey Theatre and mask work (1:40)
    • Moving to London, England (5:42)
    • The value of travelling or living elsewhere (8:28)
    • Ross’s family was very supportive (10:15)
    • Wise advice from a drama teacher (14:30)
    • Job insecurity in the entertainment industry (16:24)
    • Working “regular jobs” during a pandemic (19:52)
    • What is “Cameo”? (22:33)
    • Feeling “at home” in the film industry (24:36)
    • Playing the ‘Whitewalker’ in Game of Thrones (26:02)
    • Ross didn’t want to play the Whitewalker at first (28:15)
    • Whitewalker audition process (30:57)
    • Why Ross was considered for the job (33:47)
    • How that led to being on Dr. Who (35:39)
    • The informal side of the industry and DIY techniques (39:05)
    • On playing monsters in film and TV (41:30)
    • Ross worked as a puppeteer (44:58)
    • Ross trained with the Jim Henson group (45:46)
    • Our brains get in the way (46:32)
    • Ross’s other roles in the entertainment industry (47:20)
    • Ross thought about becoming a therapist (45:25)
    • Introspection during COVID (49:27)
    • Having lunch with Sigourney Weaver (51:00)
    • Working with our heroes in film (52:20)
    • The lifestyle of various roles in the film industry (54:00)
    • Sharing a TS Eliot quote and parting remarks (55:20)

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