Episode 22

Life as a theatre artist

Dec 8, 2020 | Arts

Nathalie Claude is a performer, an actor, a director, a choreographer, and more. Based out of Montreal, Nathalie joins me to talk about creativity, the differences between acting and directing, and why she loves Montreal so much!

About This Episode

In this episode, I speak with Nathalie Claude, an actor and director from Montreal, Quebec. Nathalie has had a long career in the arts both in independent theatre, as a clown and a coach for Cirque du Soleil, and as a collaborator on many extraordinary shows and performances. Nathalie joins me to talk about what inspires her work, why she loves living and working in Montreal, and why perfectionism and precision is crucial in her approach to her artistic work.

About Nathalie Claude (Actor/Director)

Originally from Laval, Nathalie Claude has toured Canada, the US and Europe with her productions and collaborations. She has garnered prizes and media attention and has over 50 credits in theatre, dance, film and television.

Visit Nathalie Claude on the web: http://nathalieclaude.com/en/home


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Topics and Timestamps


  • Nathalie’s many roles in the creative industry (0:01:02)
  • The difference between being on stage and behind the curtain (0:04:30)
  • Exploring the possibilities of working in film (0:06:36)
  • Perfectionism: innate or trained? (0:08:45)
  • Personal creative challenges (0:10:44)
  • Knowing when a concept is finished (0:13:01)
  • The experience of working for Cirque du Soleil (0:14:14)
  • Missing Montreal (0:18:00)
  • The Quebec arts scene (0:20:15)
  • The business of art (0:31:35)
  • The impact of technology on art (0:33:23)
  • “A funny woman is a scary thing.” (0:37:10)
  • Experiencing a creative rut (0:43:05)
  • Early beginning as an artist (0:47:11)
  • Advice for young people who want to be actors (0:47:50)
  • Nathalie’s curiosity about life (0:49:49)
  • Nathalie’s current projects (0:52:43


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