Episode 19

Why do we get fat?

Nov 17, 2020 | Science

In this episode, I speak with Fat Cells Researcher, Dr. Ariane Pessentheiner. We talk about how obesity is a disease, why we gain weight, and why inflammation and lack of sleep is bad for you!


Interview with Dr. Ariane Pessentheiner (Researcher)


In this episode, I speak with Fat Cells Researcher, Dr. Ariane Pessentheiner. We talk about how obesity is technically a disease, how chronic inflammation is really bad for you, and how there’s no such thing as “burning fat”. Dr. Pessentheiner is a researcher in Austria who is now devoting her time to the communication of science!


  • Moving during a pandemic (0:00:37)
  • Dr. Ariane’s work as a biochemist (0:01:46)
  • What are fat cells, and what do they do? (0:02:33)
  • Is there such a thing as a ‘slow metabolism’? (0:04:12)
  • Myths and misconceptions about fat and obesity. (0:05:46)
  • Top three reasons people gain weight. (0:06:52)
  • Obesity is a disease. (0:10:06)
  • There’s no current market solution for food addiction (0:11:32)
  • Epigenetics and obesity (0:12:44)
  • The socio-economic factors of obesity (0:15:35)
  • Do different foods affect fat cells the same way? (0:17:23)
  • Trans-fatty acids (0:19:55)
  • What is Dr. Ariane’s specialty? (0:22:29)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (0:24:18)
  • Diabetes and obesity (0:26:00)
  • Fat cells and inflammation (0:27:33)
  • Communication between organs during imbalance of metabolism (0:28:34)
  • Inflammation is serious (0:30:20)
  • Sleep deprivation is a big factor in obesity (0:32:40)
  • Metabolic diseases (0:34:43)
  • What’s the difference between fat burning and fat storage? (0:35:37)
  • Advertisements that say “burn fat!” (0:37:40)
  • Personal connection to her research (0:39:12)
  • Does Dr. Ariane enjoy being a scientist? (0:41:37)
  • Imposter syndrome in science (0:45:15)
  • Dr. Ariane’s other passion is art! (0:48:50)
  • Creativity in the arts, and in science (0:50:41)
  • Dr. Ariane’s long-term ambitions (0:53:15)


Follow Dr. Pessentheiner on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArtSci_ARP

Dr. Pessentheiner on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ariane_Pessentheiner


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